The UAB opens a call for mobility grants and incorporation of international talent

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With the aim of fostering the internationalisation of young PhD graduates, encouraging mobility among lecturers and attracting international talent, the UAB offers three types of grants thanks to the 17.5 million euros provided by the Spanish Ministry for Universities under the requalification of the Spanish university system for the 2021/2023 period. Applications can be sent in until 30 September.


The Spanish Ministry for Universities has conferred onto the UAB a total of 17.5 million euros for the requalification of the Spanish university system. The money will go  towards the Margarita Salas grants, aimed at training young PhD graduates and the requalification of civil servants and university lecturers, who will spend a stay at other universities in Spain or abroad. It will also go to the María Zambrano grants for the incorporation of international talent at the UAB. Deadline for applications is 30 September.

To apply for these grants, candidates must have a Spanish passport or be a citizen of the European Union, Switzerland or from a European Economic Area member state. Foreigners with an official permission to live and work in Spain can also apply for a grant. Two percent of the funding granted to the UAB will go to people with a disability equal to or higher than 33%. All three types of grants include a monthly salary and a travel endowment.

Applications must be sent in through this UAB website, where all instructions and application forms will be available. The different evaluation committees will assess each candidate's curriculum vitae, their scientific-technical experience, and supporting documents.

Three types of grants

The Margarita Salas grants are destined to the training of PhD graduates thanks to a two-year stay at a public university or research centre in Spain, or a three-year stay at universities and research centres abroad. They are addressed to those who have done their PhD programme and earned their doctorate degree at the UAB. In addition to other requirements, grant applicants must have earned their PhD degree less than two years before applying for the grant. Each grant consists in a gross salary of 3,500 euros for those working abroad and 2,800 euros for those working in Spanish universities or research centres.

The grants for the requalification of civil servants and contracted lecturers will cover training stays at universities and research centres in Spain and abroad for lecturers from the UAB. For tenured and associate lecturers, one of the requirements is not having worked for more than 10 years as a tenured or associate lecturer. The grant covers a one-year stay and the salary will remain the same for each candidate, plus a 20% bonus or their gross salary.

The María Zambrano grants go to the incorporation of PhD graduates with experience in universities or research centres abroad. In addition to other requirements, candidates must have at least two years of experience in a university or research centre different to the one in which they earned their degree, and having conducted research projects and/or lectures at universities, centres or organisations abroad. The grants will consist in a two-year postdoctoral contract and a monthly gross salary of 4,000 euros.

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