The UAB and the UPC offer psychological support during confinement

La UAB i la UPC creen un web per oferir suport psicolÚgic durant el confinament

PsicoFight is a portal created by a multidisciplinary team of experts from different universities and coordinated by the UAB. It aims to offer strategies and resources to help in the most frequent conflicts arising in a prolonged state of self-isolation.


The videos offer psychological support in situations being encountered during self-isolation, such as losing a loved one, fights among siblings, the desire to go outside, difficulties in helping children with homework, etc.

The project, which is coordinated by the Department of Basic, Developmental and Educational Psychology's Chair Professor Carles Monereo, includes the collaboration of psychologists, healthcare personnel, engineers and designers of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), and with the support of the Ramon Llull University (URL), the Mental Health Cluster and the CORE in Mental Health of the UAB.

The PsicoFight portal was created to provide strategies and resources to the population so that they can face the most frequent challenges appearing during this prolonged state of confinement we are currently experiencing.

According to UAB Chair Professor Carles Monereo, "the objective of the questionnaire is not to examine participants, but to help them learn from how they experience their own emotions: how to identify, anticipate, regulate and use them in a way that benefits them and their community; in other words, PsicoFight aims to be an aid in good decision-making".

The content is made up of twelve interactive videos, that users can choose according to their interests. These short videos focun on what experts consider to be the most frequent conflicts arrising from self-isolation, such as losing a loved one, fights between siblings, desire to leave the house, difficulties in helping children with schoolwork, and other subjects.

First, there is a dramatisation of a conflict, followed by a set of questions and finally, an expert offers possible ways to approach the problem. The language used by the expert is informal and avoids the use of technicisms, but the advice offered maintains all its scientific rigour.

At the moment, the website is available in Spanish. The UAB Faculty of Translation and Interpreting is currently working on its translation into English.

PORTAL PsicoFight


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