The TÓndem is renewed!

Nova imatge del tÓndem 2020

Tàndem is the opportunity to practice languages with other UAB student in a nice and personal environment ideal to acquire linguistic fluency while getting to know other cultures.


The objective of the Tàndem program is to offer the opportunity to practice different languages by building a dynamic group through games, news, etc.  And from now on there is also the possibility of practicing languages with a partner: a languistic partner.

A linguistic partner is an activity of conversation in different languages ​​between two people, it can be face-to-face, virtual, in the morning, in the afternoon ... Therefore, it implies a high degree of flexibility and adaptation. It is not a formal language learning environment but rather a space where you can practice what you have learned and take advantage of it by getting to know other people and their cultures.

Dinamització Comunitària offers this possibility to all members of the UAB Community: students, teaching staff, and administration and services staff. We will pair people, depending on their common languages, the one they can speak and the one they would like to practice. So, in this way, both speakers can practice one language, and, at the same time, one can help the other to practice. If you are interested in having a linguistic partner, you can register in this form.

 It will put the members of the couple in contact, depending on the common languages, the one they speak and the one they want to practice, in this way, the two can practice one language and, at the same time, can help the other to practice the language. hers. If you are interested, you can register in this form.

Partners will be able to complement their linguistic activity with the Tàndem group meetings. This language practice is in groups, currently online, and is organized depending on the languages ​​you want to practice in each session. Therefore, prior registration is necessary in order to organize the group. You can register by clicking at this link.

Tàndem, either through linguistic partners or group encounters, consists of the practice of another language while meeting other members of the UAB community, another culture and all that it involves. It also makes it easier for international students to get to know the linguistic reality of the campus by practicing Catalan and Spanish and also, learning about all the cultural traditions present in our day to day.


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