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Show your solidarity when enrolling and contribute to global justice

08 Jul 2022
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UAB students can show their solidarity when enrolling by including an 18-euro donation.  All donations will go towards projects for a global justice

Matrícula Solidària curs 2022-2023 FAS

To build a supportive and socially committed university, each academic year the Fundació Autònoma Solidària (FAS) will be promoting its solidarity enrolment campaign, entitled “Matrícula Solidària. Marca per a la justícia global” aimed at students enrolling at the UAB. Students are asked to contribute with their grain of sand and donate 18 euros when they enrol.

Contributions from students, alongside donations made by lecturers and administrative and services staff make up the UAB Solidarity Fund. The money raised helps to foster cooperational and educational projects for a global justice which are led by members of the university community.

The Global Justice puts emphasis on the deep causes of injustices between the global North and South, and focuses on the effects and responsibility of rich countries regarding the violation of rights in poorer countries. Understanding this and other paradigms of the cooperation agenda, the University and its community are key in creating the conditions to make a more just, diverse and peaceful world possible.

The "Matrícula solidària" campaign's motto is “A reptes globals: justícia global i cooperació universitària” [In the Face of Global Challenges: global justice and university cooperation]. If you are a student and want to collaborate with a donation, you need only tick the box on your application form when enrolling. Your donation of 18 euros will go towards cooperation initiatives in countries of the Global South in areas such as education, health, gender justice, and the environment. 

The UAB, with Sustainable Development Goals

  • Peace, justice and strong institutions