Second UAB Barcelona Summer School session begins

Cloenda 1r torn UAB Summer School

The UAB's international summer school, with students from 29 different countries, begins its second session on Monday 15 July with 9 new courses. The programme, which this year has 30% more participants, celebrated the closing ceremony of its first session on 12 July at the UAB Cinema Hall.


On Monday 15 July, the second session of the UAB Barcelona Summer School will begin with a welcoming presentation for the new students attending these three-week courses.

Apart from the courses, international students during these three weeks will benefit from the Buddy Programme, in which local volunteer students will accompany them to discover different on-campus activities and learn about the Catalan culture through a variety of workshops.

In this second session, which will end on 2 August, a total of nine courses are offered, 100% in English:

The international students attending the UAB Barcelona Summer School come from 29 different countries, including the United States, Canada, Egypt, Mexico, France, South Korea, Italy and Morocco.

This international initiative by the UAB has grown year after year: it began in 2016 with 5 courses and some 50 students; in the second edition in 2017 there were already 12 different courses and the number of students reached 100; while last year the UAB offered 15 courses and this year there are 18 different courses available.

End of the First Session

The first session of the UAB Barcelona Summer School began on 25 June and ended with a closing ceremony in which certificates of attendance were issued to all participants, together with a UAB t-shirt.

Vice Rector for International Relations Màrius Martínez congratulated the students for "their efforts" and highlighted the friendships which have grown among students in these past three weeks.
Graham Mortyn, Academic Director of the UAB Barcelona Summer School, explained that these weeks had been very enriching and said he was proud of being able to form part of the programme.

The closing ceremony was celebrated on 12 July, at 12 noon, at the UAB Cinema Hall.


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