Public Knowledge Project conference opens its pre-registration period

7a conferŤncia PKP

All those interested have until Friday 13 September to pre-register for the seventh edition of the PKP International Scholarly Publishing Conference which has been co-organised by and will be held at the UAB.


The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a non-lucrative initiative put forth by several Canadian and American universities which aims to guarantee universal access to knowledge and an improvement in the quality of research found in scientific publications.

Hosted and co-organised by the UAB from 20 to 22 November under the name of Reflections and Directions, this year's PKP2019 will be analysing the continuous growth of the infrastructure and open access made available to a global community of users. The programme will include round tables, short debates, workshops and conferences related to three thematic axes: community, technology and open access.

Since 2001, PKP's free software, Open Journal Systems (OJS), has allowed thousands of users in over 100 countries to produce academic journals. Now, these publications must face on the one hand problems related to rapid growth, not only of journals but also of issues related to open access, and on the other hand, the need to reconsider financial models, policies and institutional priorities.


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