One-minute master #challenge

El mŗster en 1 minut #challenge

We've invited all the coordinators of UAB's postgraduate programmes to summarise each of their programmes in a one-minute video. Thats' quite a challenge!


Social networks call it a “challenge”. In less than two weeks, we've already received over 40 videos! You can view them at the master in 1 minute #challenge

Now that we are all familiar with webcams, we have invited the coordinators of the UAB's official and specific master's degress and graduate diplomas to tell us about their programmes in a video lasting less than one minute. Social networks call this a “challenge”. In a bit over two weeks, we have already received some 40 videos! You can view the first videos on our challenge webpage, the master in 1 minute #challenge. Don't forget to visit the site often since we are about to publish a lot more videos soon!

Why a master's degree? Why at the UAB? In less than one minute, the coordinator of each graduate programme offer a great summary of all the ins and outs of their academic course. The videos will also be available at each programme's webpage, since this is the best presentation possible to help people learn, in 60 seconds, all the details of each and every UAB master's degree and graduate diploma.

The ample offer graduate programmes at the UAB, both official master's degrees and UAB-specific master's degrees and graduate diplomas, make up a strategic commitment by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona to contribute to social progress through the training of professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs needed by the most innovative economic and social sectors. An investment in your career future with the guarantee of the UAB.

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