The master in 1 minut #challenge

Why this master's degree? And why the UAB? Now that we are all friends with the webcam, we have invited the coordinators of the oficial master's degrees and the masters and graduate diplomas from the UAB to explain their programme in a 1 minute video. That's quite a challenge! 

Advanced Research in Political Science (in English)

Master's Degree in Business Management (in English)

Official Master's Degree in Egyptology

52 Màster Oficial en Egiptologia 1 minut

Official master's degree in Regional and Population Studies

Graduate Diploma in Lactation and Donation of Human Milk

Graduate Diploma in Theory and Practice of Sensory Integration in Occupational Therapy

Master's Degree and Graduate Diploma in Surgical Nursing, Anesthesia and Pain Therapy

Master's Degree in Political Marketing: Strategies and Political Communication

Official master's degree in Audiovisual Translation

Graduate Diploma in Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 Years

Graduate Diploma in Revenue Management

Master's Degree in Contemporary Migrations and Graduate Diploma on Immigration

Official master's degree in Educational Psychology

Master's Degree in Digital Management of International Touristic Business

Graduate Diploma in Promoting Agroecological Farming at the Local Level

Master's Degree in Neuropsychology and Behavioural Neurology

Official Master's Degree Marketing

Graduate Diploma in The Art of Gardening: Design and Creation

Course in New Audio Narratives: Podcasting

Master's Degree in Pathology and Surgery of the Posterior Segment of the Eye

Graduate Diploma in Security Services Management

Official master's degree in Translation and Intercultural Studies

Master's Degree in Engineering in Mobile Device Applications

Graduate Diploma in Surgery and Anaesthesia in Small Animals

Master's Degree in Small Animal Clinic

Graduate Diploma in Management of Geriatric Centres

Master's Degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary Making

Graduate Diploma in Integrated Care for Serious Trauma (field prehospital and hospital)

Master's Degree in Management of Industrial Business

Course in Challenges of Innovation Societies

Master's Degree in LGTBI+ Communication

Graduate Diploma in Peace Culture

Official master's degree in History of Science: Science, History and Society

Master's Degree in Child and Young People Clinical Psychopatology

Master's Degree in Advertising Account Management

Graduate Diploma in Ecotourism and Nature-Guide Training

Official master's degree in European Integration

Graduate Diploma in Integrated Intensive Care for Cardiovascular and/or Respiratory Pathologies

Master's Degree in Management of Public Relations and Communication Agencies

Master's Degree in Infectious Diseases

Master's Degree in Legal Translation and Judicial Interpreting

Master's Degree in Business and Institutional Communication

Official master's degree in Digital Humanities and Heritage

Graduate Diploma in Research and Innovation in the Health Sciences

Master's Degree in Gender and Communication

Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture and Pain

Master's Degree in Neuromarketing

03 Máster en Neuromarketing (Técnicas de Investigación de la Cognición y el Comportamiento del Consumidor, Aplicadas a la Empresa y la Publicidad)  - Pere Navalles Villar

Master's Degree in Pediatric Infectious Diseases