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The UAB continues to apply the essential safety measures needed to guarantee that the university campus is a safe place for all, at all times. In accordance with these measures, the exams forming part of our students' assessment will take place on campus.


The UAB, abiding by the indications set down by PROCICAT, is at all times applying the essential safety measures needed to guarantee that the campus be a safe place for all. On 4 January 2021, PROCICAT published a revised version of the prevention and control measures (Resolució SLT/1/2021), in which practical sessions and examinations continue to be authorised.

In accordance with this framework and the instructions issued by the UAB itself, the exams forming part of the assessment of our students will be held on campus in all cases in which this is necessary, and they must be coherent with the contents taught during this semester. At the UAB, only a part of a student's assessment is classroom-based, given that the academic programmes are based on a continuous evaluation model and face-to-face evaluations are reserved for specific contents which cannot be qualified in any other way, while the rest of evaluations conducted to ensure that students have acquired the skills they need in each subject are done remotely. 

The UAB guarantees the safety of the entire university community in times of COVID-19 and to do so, it set down the general directives to be taken into account when organising and carrying out classroom-based exams on campus. These indications include the request for students to enter their learning centre only 10 before the start of the exam, and that they avoid remaining in the building longer than necessary, as well as leaving the campus as soon as they end their exam.

On any given day, the amount of students taking exams will not reach 10% of the total number of students. This means that approximately 3,000 students will be distributed throughout the more than 600 teaching areas existing at the UAB's 13 teaching centres and 240 hectares of campus.

In accordance witht the instructions currently in force, students who find themselves unable to attend the exam due to a specific problem related to COVID-19 must speak directly with their programme coordinator and find the most suitable solution.

The UAB has taken all necessary measures to ensure that its teaching centres remain safe spaces. However, this safety also depends on the collective efforts of our university community during their travels to and from campus, and in their commitment to not staying longer than necessary on campus.


Let's take care of each other and of ourselves at the UAB!


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Logotip de la Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona

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