Information note on students and UK mobility


The UAB will maintain its list of exchange students with UK universities programmed for next year, given that all European mobility programmes will still be guaranteed. The UAB, and many other universities and research centres, is convinced of the need to continue maintaining close ties with the United Kingdom.


European mobility programmes with universities in the United Kingdom are guaranteed to continue throughout the 2020/21 academic year and therefore the UAB will be maintaining all exchange programmes activated during this period. The application process through the Erasmus programme for next year has functioned correctly at all moments. The UAB will be sending over 60 students on exchange programmes to different higher education institutions in the UK during the 202/21 academic year and has already informed all universities with which it has exchange agreements.

This is possible thanks to the agreements reached by the European Commission and the United Kingdom, which allows all students travelling as part as an exchange programme before the end of the tranistion period (1 January 2021) to do so with complete normality. In contrast, for the 2019/20 academic year there were no official guarantees for students due to the uncertainty of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and the UAB decided not to send students to the UK, but rather offer alternative university destinations. The UAB however has received some fifty students from the UK this year who are participating in exchange programmes.

The UAB agrees with the opinion expressed by several other higher educaiton institutions and research centres of both the European Union and the United Kingdom that reaffirm their will to continue working side-by-side and therefore maintain the collaborations created until now. It requests that the European Commission and national governments work to reach the agreements necessary to make that a reality.

More information: Joint statement regarding Brexit by the main European and UK higher education institutions and research centres (in Spanish)


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