New winner of the “4 Minute Thesis” competition

Guanyadora Tesis 4 minuts

The winner of the UAB "4 Minute Thesis" competition is  Advanced Immunology PhD student Miriam Rosás. On 4 June she will be representing the UAB in the final phase of the competition, organised by the Catalan Research and Innovation Foundation (FCRI), which will include participants from other univerisities in Catalonia.


Miriam Rosás, a PhD student in Advanced Immunology, won first prize in the UAB's “4 Minute Thesis” competition. She was awarded a cash prize of 800 Euros and will represent the university in the final of the "Present Your Thesis in 4 Minutes", which will be held on 4 June at the Espai Endesa in Barcelona. The competition, organised by the Catalan Research and Innovation Foundation, includes the participation of all universities in Catalonia and awards three prizes, each worth 3,000, 2,000 and 1,000 Euros.

The second prize, worth 500 Euros, went to Cristina Navarro, PhD student in Materials Science. Navarro was also voted best presenter by the audience and won an additional cash prize of 200 Euros.

The competition waws held in the Sala de Graus of the U Building - the UAB Graduate School and included the participation of ten PhD students. Apart from the two winners, theses were presented by Ana Jordán, Arnau Palou, Mirey Alfarah, Elisa Beltran, Miquel Simon, Sarah Paradis, Sara Reverté and Irena Spasojevic.


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