Magnetisme Jordi Sort

Scientists develop a magnetic switch with lower energy consumption

Joint research conducted by the UAB has shown the ability to switch magnetizacion « on » and « off » using voltage in a new class of easy-to-fabricate materials containing nitrogen. These results, published in Nature Communications, may be used to reduce energy consumption in electronic technologies.

Setmana Ciencia

Science Week reaches its 25th edition

The research centres located on the UAB campus are participating in the scientific dissemination activities which will be celebrated until 29 November all over Catalonia, this year with numerous activities being held online.

FluorescŔncia Jordi Hernando

Smart fluorescent molecular switches based on boron-based compounds

Scientists have developed extremely stable molecular switches of high luminosity that self-assemble into 1D nanostructures and form gel-like materials. These molecular switches can be used in biomedicine as fluorescent probes for imaging or sensing, in fluorescent displays, or in memories and information processing devices.