B30 area

B-30, an innovative area

Currently the main focus of industry in Catalonia -and in Spain- is located in the 23 towns along the B-30 stretch of the Catalan AP7 highway. This section has an area of 485 km2, a population of 1,018,166 residents, 30,173 companies and 387,478 jobs. 

The potential for economic development of this area and its contribution to economic recovery in Catalonia are extraordinary. This area, based on a true development of the knowledge economy could, in the near future, become a competitive region for innovation on an international level.

This area has a number of facilities and companies that give it extraordinary potential. On one hand there is Alba Park, home of the synchrotron light laboratory located on 340 hectares and one of the most advanced research facilities in the world. Moreover, Alba Park and the area around the synchrotron has become a technological, scientific and business centre with the prospective of creating 40,000 high value jobs, linked to the most dynamic sectors of the world economy.

Moreover, this area also includes two large public universities, the UAB and the UPC. These universities have their own research departments but also host institutes and research centres of the CSIC, IRTA or CERCA program. Finally, this area has powerful agents for technology and knowledge transfer such as Esadecreapolis, Vallès Technology Park, UAB Research Park, ASCAMM, LEITAT, etc.

In this context, the UAB Research Park makes every effort to promote the B30 area by transferring knowledge and innovation.