The Board

The Board

Margarita Arboix, Rector of the UAB.

Rosa Menéndez López, President of the CSIC.
Josep Usall i Rodié, Director General of the IRTA.

Jaume Tintoré, General Manager of UAB.

Vice secretary
Pedro de Alcántara-García Briones, UAB Legal Office.

Lluís Calvo, CSIC delegate in Catalonia
Armand Sánchez, Vice-Rector for Research and Transference at the UAB
Javier Lafuente, Vice-Rector for Innovation and Strategic Projects at the UAB

Rosina López-Alonso Fandiño, Vice-President of Organization at the CSIC
Jordi Marquet, Patron representing UAB
Carles Gispert, Patron representing UAB
Gabriel Masfurroll,
Patron representing UAB
Francesc Gòdia, Patron representing UAB
Carlos Sánchez, Patron representing UAB
Carlos Guallarte, Patron representing UAB
Joan Manuel Albacete Sancho, Patron representing IRTA
Xavier Obradors, Patron representing CSIC
Luis J. Herrero, Patron representing Banco Santander
Pere Vallès, Patron representing Business Representation Council
Narcís Bosch i Andreu, Consell General de Cambres de Comerç de Catalunya.
Leónidas Torrecilla Gumbau, Consell General de Cambres de Comerç de Catalunya.