Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3)


In accordance with the new framework established by the European Union in its Europe 2020 Strategy, the Government of Catalonia has drawn up the Catalonia 2020 Strategy (ECAT 2020). ECAT 2020 is an initiative designed to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the Catalan economy and better employment, establishing a roadmap for economic recovery whilst preserving the model of social cohesion.

ECAT 2020 establishes objectives and provides a stable framework to guide policies for competitiveness towards the year 2020. This strategy is based on adapting production in line with the model of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth promoted by the EU. ECAT 2020 is reinforced by the fact that it was drawn up in accordance with common objectives agreed by the EU, and which are widely accepted by governments and economic and social stakeholders.

Taking into account both the headline targets and the seven flagship initiatives established in the Europe 2020 Strategy and the needs of the Catalan economy, ECAT 2020 identifies six priority areas: employment and training; social cohesion; innovation and knowledge; entrepreneurism; internationalisation; and the green economy.

The Government is responsible for drawing up, planning and implementing policies to improve competitiveness and employment. ECAT 2020 establishes a system of governance that promotes dialogue and, where necessary, provides for external contributions through a transparent, open system and a promotion and communication plan that will help identify this initiative as a reference for Catalan competitiveness amongst citizens.