Corporative image

Identity and brand

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Corporative image guide Manual

Corporative colours:

Pantone Orange 021

Process colour: C0 | M79 | Y100 | K 0

Screen: R255 | G90 | B0

Web: #ff5a00

Pantone Cool Gray 11

Process colour: C0 | M02 | Y0 | K83

Screen: R113 | G112 | B115

Web: #4d4e53

Horizontal logo

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Vertical logo

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Typography: Helvetica Neue

The Helvetica Neue typeface, in all its variants, is the corporate font of the UAB Research Park. This means that Park identifications, the sign and the logo set, can only be composed of Helvetica Neue and its variants.

The Helvetica Neue typeface replaces the old Helvetica family, as modernized archives for this family are Open True Type, compatible with all systems (PC and MAC). Because digital typography (Helvetica) is software and, as such, it has intellectual property under copyright law, this typeface is not free. Linotype owns the right to distribute these sources.

To maintain the formal and graphic unity throughout the Visual Identification Program and at the same time enrich the range of typographic and visual composition possibilities, we recommend using the Helvetica Neue typographic family in all its variants, in the applications that are generated .

In cases where the Helvetica font family is not available (eg administrative forms, documentation, multimedia presentations, publications, email signatures ...), we recommend using the Arial or Microsoft Sans Serif font family.

Helvetica Neue Medium 65 is the typeface used in the composition of the acronym UAB Research Park.