Group of Separation Techniques in Chemistry (GTS)

New teeth whitening system developed

The research team of the Group of Separation Techniques in Chemistry (GTS) at the UAB has developed FlashWT, a new teeth whitening system based on an innovative, quick, effective and enamel safe formula. Created for the grants call from the AGAUR's Industry of Knowledge 2018, the system's patent is now being processed.

Investigadors aconsegueixen descontaminar un aqüífer biològicament

Successful biological decontamination of an aquifer

Researchers at the UAB, in collaboration with the UB and the company Litoclean, manage to decontaminate an aquifer with a high concentration of organochlorine compounds bieostimulating biologically with the use of bacteria capable of breaking down these compounds. They have applied a novel methodology which allows diagnosing the viability of biological treatments for the decontamination of aquifers. The study is published in the lastest edition of Water Research.

Tret de sortida del Programa Generació d'Idees en smart food

Inauguration of the Generating Ideas Programme on Smart Food

The 10th edition of the UAB Research Park entrepreneurial programme will begin on Wednesday 16 October. The objective of the programme's thirty participants will be to launch innovative and multidisciplinary projects prepared to solve challenges within the smart food sector.

Congres ESGCT2019

Over 2,000 international experts in gene and cell therapy meet in Barcelona

From 22 to 25 October, over 2,000 researchers and professionals from the field of gene and cell therapy will meet at Barcelona for the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) 27th Annual Congress, organised jointly with the Spanish Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (SETGyC), and taking place at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB).

Signatura conveni Hub Accio

ACCIÓ adheres to the Hub b30 platform

The Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) of the Government of Catalonia has become one of the new members of the Hub b30, an initiative put forth by the UAB, the UAB Research Park, Eurecat and the B30 Area Association to foster innovation in the region.

Majorana ICN2

The ICN2 and Microsoft expand partnership in quantum computing research

The ICN2 is expanding its collaboration with the global network of Microsoft Quantum Labs in furtherance of the goal of developing a scalable quantum computer - a vastly more powerful informatics tool based on radically different physics principles. The ICN2 laboratories will provide atomic-scale measurements, analysis, and modelling of new materials.

Salvador Ventura amb els membres del seu equip.

Crowdfunding campaign for new Parkinson's treatment

A UAB project to advance in the search for an effective therapy for Parkinson's disease has been chosen by the crowdfunding platform Precipita. Funding will go towards further studies of the SynuClean-D molecule, which has already proven to be efficient in stopping and reverting the neurodegeneration causing this disease in cell cultures and a simple animal model.