Map navigator shows Covid-19's evolution

The UAB and CREAF research group Grumets has developed a Covid-19 maps navigator which allows analysing the current situation of the pandemic and discovering its evolution from the first case to the global, national and regional dimensions it now occupies. An open access navigator, it provides information on a multiple of variables, such as active cases, mortality and the latest news on its evolution.

Dos projectes de la UAB, finanšats pel Fondo Supera Covid-19

Two UAB projects receive funding from the "Fondo Supera Covid-19"

A research team will create tools which rapidly detect vulnerability to post-traumatic stress among healthcare workers exposed to SARS-CoV 2. Another team will focus on guaranteeing that remote working does not reinforce gender inequalities. Both will receive funding from the Fondo Supera Covid-19.