Upon arrival at the UAB



Due to the current health emergency most of the procedures to be properly registered and enrolled will be done electronically: 

We recommend that incoming exchange students: 

1 - Attend the International Welcome Days (IWD): 
It will be a week full of activities, training workshops and gatherings organized for international students to get to know the UAB student societies and services. The IWD are a great chance for you to know more about the UAB and, thus, make the most of your stay in Barcelona. The IWDs will also help you to meet other newly arrived international students and local students participating as Mentors.

2 - Get the acceptation and signature of your Learning Agreement, if you have not done so before, by your coordinator at the Faculty of Science. 

3 - Register at the Exchange Office of the Faculty of Science. You can send all the required documents by email to be properly enrolled.

If you prefer to come to the Exchange office of the Faculty of Science, it will be open next 22nd of February just to enroll exchange students face-to-face.

To be enroled you must send or provide:

- Copy of passport or ID card.

 - Copy of Health insurance card (except SICUE students)

 - Learnig agreement signed by you, your coordinator at the UAB and your home coordinator. 

Bank receipt of the UAB’s scholar insurance (€4.40)

You can modify your registration and Learning Agreement until 4 weeks after your arrival. It should be previously approved and signed by your home and host exchange coordinator.


- Timetable and classrooms for lectures
- Calendars: Faculty of Science Calendar 2020-21
and Important dates 2020-21
- Accommodation: Vila Universitaria
- Mobility and transport in the campus
- FAQs for international students
- Handbook for international students
- Legal procedures for UE citizens
- Legal procedures for non-european citizens

Should you require any further information, please contact the exchange office.