Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have studied at the Universidad Autónoma in order to access the programme? 

NO. The programme is open to all candidates that meet the admission requirements and pass the selection process, regardless the university of origin.  

Could I enroll in CITIUS without having an assigned internship? 

NO. In order to enroll in CITIUS, it is mandatory to have an assigned internship.

How could I access CITIUS? 

They are different ways to access CITIUS: 

Participate in the recruitment processes from the internship opportunities offered by CITIUS in Infojobs, or posted at the internships opportunities section in this website. The CITIUS team will proceed with the first selection of candidates and the company will choose the final candidate. 

Participate in these recruitment processes for internship students to directly posted by the partner companies in the different job portals. The company carries out all the recruitment process and notifies CITIUS about the final candidate in order to start the enrolment. 

Look up, proactively, a company where you want to carry out your internship. The CITIUS team will contact with the company to inform about our programme and the steps to follow to establish a collaboration agreement. 

If I look up for the internship, which conditions are mandatory?

The internship should last one year and have a compatible schedule with the Master's calendar. There should be a maximum of 7 hours per day and the student should receive a study grant. 

The content of the internship should be compatible with the diploma that will be obtained at the end of the studies. It is essential that there is a consistency between the internship tasks and the training and academic programme of the master. 

Could it be possible to extend my Bachelor's internship through CITIUS?

It is common that Bachelor students in their 4th year of studies are doing an internship in a company. If the student and the company are interested in establishing a collaboration agreement with CITIUS, we will inform the company about the steps to follow and the mandatory requirements. Moreover, we will assess that the tasks carried out by the student during the internship are consistent with the goals of the programme and the contents from the master.

Does the study grant is the same in all the companies?

NO. There is a minimum of 650 euros, but some companies offer a higher grant agreed with the student.  

Will the diploma be an official diploma?

No. Once the programme has been successfully completed, the student will obtain an specific Business Management master's diploma, issued by the UAB.  


When and where the student should request the diploma?

Once all the enrolled subjects have been evaluated and successfully completed (included the internship and the master's degree final project), the CITIUS team will contact the student to inform about the current regulation regarding the diploma or academic transcript request. The student will also receive the information about the required documentation to request the diploma. 

Is it mandatory? 

YES. The accident insurance is mandatory to finalize the enrolment. 

Does the policy cover abroad? 

The policy covers aborad during 3 consecutive months, except for USA travels (there is an option to extend it to this country). 

In case the student needs to use the policy, who should be contacted? 

Directly with Omnibus: Telf 93 241 21 38. Consejo de Ciento, 445 Esc.B 1º 3ª-08013 Barcelona

When I purchase the policy, which are the start and end dates?

The start date will be the same as your internship agreement's start date. The end date will be the last day of your agreement + 7 days.