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The own master's degree in Business Management CITIUS offers the possibility of fer 11 months of internship in a company. In addition, the first essential condition for being able to enroll in the master's degree is to have a company where you can develop these practices.

The internships are a very important part of the apprenticeship process, 30 of 60 credits, and without some guaranteed internships it is not possible to be a student of the master's degree. Therefore, before enrolling, consult Infojobs for existing offers linked to the master's degree. Attach your CV for the platform and you will arrive at the company, which is the one that selects the candidates.

If you pass the selection process of the company and accept you as a student in practice, you can contact both of us through our electronic mail to inform you of how to access the master's degree in Business Management (you cannot register and be a student of the master's degree).

You will be informed that this master's degree is open to all academics, therefore, and may be enrolled at any time in the academic course.

Our electronic mail to which you are welcome for any consultation is:

The students interested in taking the master's degree must:

1- Search Infojobs for offers linked to the master's degree and send the CV.

2- Wait to be selected.

Become a CITIUS student

Estudiants CITIUS

CITIUS: study the Master's in Bussiness Management while doing an internship in a company

Master's in Business Management with external internship

Internship's features:

  • 11 months of internship
  • High-level and specific internships for graduate students.
  • 7 hours per day internships compatible with Master's classes. 
  • The student will have the support of a tutor at the company that will evaluate the internship.  
  • Study support.

The total fee of the Master is 4.950€, with study support during the 11 months.

Admission requirements

The essential requirements to enrol in the CITIUS programme are the following ones: 

  • To be a graduate student
  • Be under 30 years old
  • Have obtained the Degree Diploma in the las 4 years and meet the general requirement to access a master or a graduate student. 
  • Be a Spanish citizen or foreign citizen with a residence permit. 
  • Have not studied previously at the CITIUS programme.  

Student's commitment

In order to get the Master's in Business Management, CITIUS students should commit to:

  • To successfully complete the academic education and the programme internship. 
  • To comply with the company's confidentiality policy.
  • To respect the agreed start and end dates
  • To accept the internship schedule which is determined by the company, as long as it is compatible with class attendance. 
  • To hire a mandatory accident insurance that covers the internship period. 
  • To attend to the face-to-face master's sessions.
  • To take profit of the subject's online sessions.

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