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CITIUS: study the Master's in Bussiness Management while doing an internship in a company

Master's in Business Management with external internship

Internship's features:

  • 11 months of internship
  • High-level and specific internships for graduate students.
  • 7 hours per day internships compatible with Master's classes. 
  • The student will have the support of a tutor at the company that will evaluate the internship.  
  • Study support.

The total fee of the Master is 4.950€, with study support during the 11 months.

Admission requirements

The essential requirements to enrol in the CITIUS programme are the following ones: 

  • To be a graduate student
  • Be under 30 years old
  • Have obtained the Degree Diploma in the las 4 years and meet the general requirement to access a master or a graduate student. 
  • Be a Spanish citizen or foreign citizen with a residence permit. 
  • Have not studied previously at the CITIUS programme.  

Student's commitment

In order to get the Master's in Business Management, CITIUS students should commit to:

  • To successfully complete the academic education and the programme internship. 
  • To comply with the company's confidentiality policy.
  • To respect the agreed start and end dates
  • To accept the internship schedule which is determined by the company, as long as it is compatible with class attendance. 
  • To hire a mandatory accident insurance that covers the internship period. 
  • To attend to the face-to-face master's sessions.
  • To take profit of the subject's online sessions.

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