How to access

Access procedure

Internship opportunities are renewed throughout the course, so you have the opportunity to access the programme throughout the year.

Students who are interested in accessing the programme should follow the steps below:

   1. Enrol for the internship offers
    The student must enrol to the internship offers that match the student's profile.
   2.  Wait to be preselected
    The CITIUS technical coordination will review the CVs and will preselect the best candidates, who will have to enrol to the Master or Graduate study in order to participate in the selection process carried out by the company.
    3. Interview with the company
    The CITIUS team provides the company with the candidate's CV in order to start the recruitment process. The company will inform which is the chosen candidate.
    4. Wait for CITIUS' confirmation
    The CITIUS team contacts the student to inform if the recruitment process was succesfull and to give the details about how to start the enrolment.
    5. Enrolment
    The CITIUS team will contact the student by e-mail to ask for the mandatory documentation to carry out the enrolment and the student will be summoned to sign the collaboration agreement.
    6. Proceed with the enrolment fee payment
    Enrollment is subject to the company's instructions. 
    7. Programme starts
    Finally the student receives access to the platforms and can start the internship and academic training.