Academic Regulation

Assessment criteria

All students should meet the following requirements to successfully complete the studies: 

  • The assessment of the master's degree final project will be done by the tutor of the project following specific criteria. 
  • The assessment of the internship will be done by the tutor assigned by the company with a quarterly report on the assessment of the student and a final report indicating the achievement of the internship and the corresponding qualification, a grade from 0 and 10. 
  • The assessment of the academic training will be done by the professors from each subject always using continuous assessment.  
  •  The continuous assessment will include class participation and learning assessment, with a weight of 30% and 70% respectively. The assessment, both the class participation and the learning process, will be established by the teaching staff and will be detailed in the teaching guide. However, the learning assessment should always include a minimum of 2 tests of different types, and none should have a higher weight than 50% of the final grade. This criteria will be applied to all the subjects, whether is face-to-face learning, blended or online. 
  • A minimum of 85% attendance is required for all the subjects. 
  • If the assessment of the subject, obtained with the criteria explained above, is equal or higher than 5, the subject will be successfully completed. If the assessment of the subject is between 3.5 and 4.9, the student can take the second-chance examination. If the assessment of the subject is lower than 3.5 the subject will be failed. 

Assessment system

The final grade that the student gets once they finish the CITIUS programme includes, first, the grade from the subjects, which have a 50% weight, the grade for the final project, with a 20% weight, and then, the internship grade with a 30% weight.

Justification for absences

Depending on the nature of the absence, on of the two procedures will be followed:

  • If the absence is due to health issues, the student should present to the technical team of the programme the corresponding medical receipt.
  • If the absence is due to the internship, the student should provide an informative document signed by the company's tutor where it will be explained the reasons of the absence to the technical team. In any case, the internship schedule should be compatible with the academic calendar of the programme and cannot interfere with the achievement of the programme.

Student's resignation or cancellation

The CITIUS grant can be cancelled in the following cases:

  • If there is an insufficient achievement of the academic training or the internship.   
  • If the student seriously or continuously fails to comply the duties of the internship with the company. 
  • Student's voluntary resignation.
  • Non-payment of master's fees. 
  • Please also check the academic regulations of the UAB.