How to join

How to join the CITIUS Programme

In order to recruit students from the CITIUS Business Management master or graduate degree, companies should follow this procedure: 

   1. Collaboration agreement
    Contact the CITIUS Technical team to start the process and sign an agreement framing the collaboration between the company and the UAB.
    2. Student's profile
The CITIUS team will publish without any cost the internship offer with the requirements specified by the company in Infojobs and will proceed with a preselection of CVs from the candidates.
    3. Candidates preselection
The CITIUS team will preselect the candidates that have enrolled and that presents the best fit for the company.    
    4. Interview
    The company chooses a student, from our list of preselect candidates or any other candidate obtained by the company's means, and informs the CITIUS team.
    5. Agreement 
    Finally, the CITIUS team will draw up the agreement with the selected student and will proceed with the enrolment in the programme. From this moment on, the student will start the internship and the academic training.