Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for companies

Could we incorporate an internship student at any time of the year? 

Yes. When the company needs to incorporate an internship student, they will only need to communicate their needs to the CITIUS team 15 days in advance. 

Could we establish any schedule for our student?

The company can establish the schedule agreed with the student, but always taking into account that the student cannot work under any circumstances more than 7 hours per day and the student has the mandatory duty to assist to face-to-face classes of the UAB Business Management master. 

Who could we contact to solve any related aspects with finance and academic matters regarding the programme?

In order to solve any doubt regarding the Business Management master or graduate study, please contact with the CITIUS team via our email or call us to our phone number 93 5813125.

Which are the tasks that an internship tutor should carry out? 

The assigned tutor is responsible to assign the tasks to the student during the internship. Other duties are to be in charge of the student's training, information regarding the security policies and labor risks, monitor the internship and assess all the evaluation forms required by the CITIUS programme, that include a final quantitative grade which will be included in the master's grade roster.