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The UAB to host September university entrance exams

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Event details

On 6, 7 and 8 September, the UAB campus will offer the extraordinary university entrance exams which are held each year in September. The exams will commence on 6 September at 9 a.m., with the exams on Spanish Language and Literature. Students, however, are asked to arrive at 8 a.m. to register and go to their exam hall. For information on the location of each teaching centre and how to arrive by public transport, students can visit the UAB's mobility and transport website. The results of the exams will be published on 19 September.

The exams are divided into two phases: the general and mandatory phase, consisting in a total of five exams, and the specific and voluntary phase, which helps to gain points for the exam. In the general phase, students are examed in four common subjects (Catalan Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, Foreign Language and History) and a subject they can choose from related to the area they chose to study in secondary school: Mathematics, Latin, Fundamentals of Art or Mathematics Applied to the Social Sciences.

The specific phase, which can be taken by both secondary school students and those coming from a vocational training course, consists in up to three exams to be chosen from a total of 21 different subjects. Once weighted, the two top marks in subjects related to the area of knowledge they are interested in, will be calculated and included in the final admission mark, which can reach a maximum of 14 points.