The “Comando Voluntariat”, changing society

The FAS launches a campaign with the mission of adding volunteers for the programs of the unit. By using the slogan “Volunteering for social change”, this strategy is a clear commitment to work together in order to raise awareness and to build an inclusive society.


The 2017-2018 starts with the FAS launching the “Volunteering for social change” campaign. The “Comando Voluntariat” is born with the purpose to reach all the UAB students that want to fight injustice, defence human rights, build an inclusive society and raise awareness through social change.
This campaign promotes programs related to social and education fields, like CROMA, or UniX oLet’s Go. Programs related to the socio-sanitary field, consisting of spending time with children and young hospitalized people. Programs related to the penitentiary field, in centers for children and teenagers. Programs related to health, covering topics such as drugs and sexuality. Programs related to social fields, with mentoring projects. Finally, Programs related to environmental issues, where volunteers can help to build a responsible with the territory university, by promoting environmental education at the campus.
The “Comando Voluntariat” wants to overtake  the 600 volunteers of last year. For this reason, after the successful campaign of “Keep calm and volunteer”, the FAS asks for social change by comparing the volunteer’s attitude with the superheroes’ attitude. Usually anonymously, they defy injustice and silently work for the common good. This attitude is reinforced with forceful images that show the determination to improve the UAB community and its surroundings.
You can recognize academic credits by participating in these programmes. If you want more information, check the website or access this registration form.


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