Chamber Choir

imatge cor de cambra uab

Director: Poire Vallvé

The Chamber Choir is an initiative that came up in the Choir of the UAB to dedicate some time to research in choral singing from the point of view of interpretation and creation of new repertoires.

The Chamber Choir aims to go into detail about the training of singers, both vocally and musically, and to increase their dedication and commitment compared to the other members of the choir in order to introduce them to choral conducting and provide them with a more professional standard.

The Chamber Choir will perform frequently both in institutional events and in concerts inside and outside the campus.

The group will consist of a maximum of 12 members. To be a member of the Chamber Choir it is necessary to do a level test and an interview with the director.

Course information 2017-2018

The preregistration and level test for new members will take place from September 5 to 29.

Dates of the course: from 14 September of 2017 to 28 June 2018.

Days and rehearsal hours: Mondays from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm (the first part jointly with the Choir and the second part the Chamber Choir alone) and Thursdays from 2:30 pm to 4 pm (the entire session together with the Choir).

It is recognized with 6 ECTS credits.

Admission test

The admission test for new members will consist in an interview with the director and a voice and reading test in which the tessitura, the tuning and the tone will be evaluated. You don't need to prepare a repertoire. The approximate duration of the test is 10 minutes for each person.

Dates and times to do the admission test:

-         Monday, September 7 between1 pm to 4 pm .
-         Tuesday, September 12 between 12 am to 3:30pm pm.
-         Wednesday, September 13 between 1:30pm to 4pm
-         Thursday , September 14 between 4 pm to 5pm
-         Once the rehearsals have started, Thursday from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Important: In order to set an appointment to do the admission test, you need to contact Cultura en Viu once the registration has been made: / 93 581 10 21


- To have solid experience as a member of a choir and a high vocal and musical level.
- To attend the voice test and the interview with the director.
- To be willing to attend the rehearsals with regularity, as well as being available to perform inside and outside the UAB in flexible hours.