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Director: Poire Vallvé

The Choir of the UAB was born at the Faculty of Medicine in 1982, when a group of students and teachers took the initiative under the direction of Baltasar Plans. Since then the Choir has had a very active participation in the daily life of the university and has performed at the official opening of the academic year, as well as in many institutional and cultural university events.

The singers have a great dedication and commitment since they perform a lot of shows throughout the academic year, both inside and outside the campus, in addition to the many hours of rehearsals, and they often participate in meetings of university choirs. The Choir has had a varied repertoire throughout its career, which has included from the Renaissance to contemporary music. To be a member of the Choir, it is necessary to do a level test and an interview with the director.

Course Information 2017/18
From 21 september of 2017 to 31 May 2018
Mondays and Thursdays from 2:30pm to 4pm
It is recognized with 5 ECTS credits (annual), or with 2,5 ECTS credits (one semester).

If you are interested in joining the Choir of the UAB, you must meet the following requirements:
- To have previous experience as a member of a choir. Music language knowledge will be appreciated, although it is not essential to know music theory, as long as you have a good musical ear and tuning ability.

- To attend the voice test and the interview with the director.
- To be willing to attend the rehearsals with regularity, as well as being available to perform inside and outside the UAB in flexible hours.

Admission test
The admission test for new members will consist in an interview with the director and a voice test in which the tessitura, the tuning and the tone will be individually evaluated. You don't need to prepare a repertoire. The approximate duration of the test is 10 minutes for each person.

Important! To arrange the day and time for the test, it is necessary to contact Cultura en Viu once the registration has been made: / 93 581 22 04