Imatge orquestra de la UAB

Conductor: Jesús Badia

The Orchestra of the UAB was born during the 1996-1997 academic year under the musical direction of Joan Casals.

This is a group composed of musicians that already have a basic level and want to continue combining music and university studies with dedication but also enjoying.

The Orchestra practices every week and works with a flexible and varied musical repertoire. Since its members change every year, its features change too, and it is usually similar to a chamber orchestra.

Its members are committed to the Orchestra and participate in the rehearsals as well as in the concerts inside and outside the campus throughout the academic year.

To be a member of the Orchestra, it is necessary to do a level test and an interview with the director.

- Members of the Orchestra that want to continue during the next academic year just need to do the registration and go the first day of rehearsal.

- The preregistration and the admission test for new members will take place from September 5 to September 29, 2017.

If you just want to be part of the Orchestra during the second semester, preregistration can be made until February 2018.

Course information 2017-2018
Dates of the course: from 25 September 2017 to 30 May 2018
Dates and rehearsal hours: Monday and Thursday from 13.00 pm to 14.30 pm and 4 extra rehearsals hours.

It is recognized with 6 ECTS credits (annual), or with 3 ECTS credits (one semester).

Admission test
The admission test for new members will consist in an interview with the director and a musical instrument test. You need to prepare a musical piece (5-10 minutes) to prove you level. The approximate duration of the test is 15 minutes for each person.
Important: In order to set an appointment to do the admission test, you need to contact Cultura en Viu once the registration has been made: coordinacio.administrativa.agora@uab.cat / 93 581 10 21

- To have previous experience as a member of an orchestra or a musical group. It is essential to have an average level of music theory and a medium level of your instrument.
- To attend the admission test.
- To be willing to attend the rehearsals with regularity with your own instrument, as well as being available to perform inside and outside the UAB in flexible hours.