If you want to continue the studies that you started at the UAB and that you dropped out, you must apply for reincorporation.
If you drop out of your studies at the UAB to start others at a UAB centre or if you want to continue them or start others at another university, you must also apply for the reincorporation.  
It is an essential requirement to apply for reincorporation not having exhausted the UAB conditions for remaining for the studies to which you want to return, unless the sixth call for the studies prior to the EHEA has been exhausted.



  • If the person concerned has a digital signature/certificate, the application must be submitted through the UAB electronic headquarters: You will need to select the “generic application” procedure.
  • If the person concerned does not have a digital signature/certificate, the application must be submitted to the Faculty of Law’s Academic Management. Remember that you must first make an appointment through the following application:

       FORM: reincorporation application form

Application deadline
From 1st to 9th june 2023

No later than July 30, 2023

The resolution Will indicate the registration procedure and dates.


If you want to validate subjects taken at other universities, you can request the recognition from the day you enrol according to the information you can consult:
If you have any kind of free-of-charge or discounted enrolment you must submit, before you enrol, the corresponding supporting documentation. (original and photocopy).