Professional experience certification

This kind of access is addressed to people who have not the qualification granting access to university studies, but thanks to their professional background they have already been in contact with that field of study.

Bear in mind that every faculty or school decides the studies that have over 40s access. People over 40 can also get admission to the university by taking the over 25s tests.


The requirements to get one of the reserved seats for professional experience students are the following:

  • Being 40 or older the same year you request admission to the university.
  • Do not have any other studies that grant you access to the university on any other way.
  • Show proof of professional experience related to the degree you are requesting admission to.

Admission structure

Personal interview  (by personal appointment).


You can apply to be admitted at this website:, from February 4 until February 13, 2020 (both included).

In the same academic year, you can apply for admission for only one degree and centre.

There are 1% of seats reserved for these entry routes for each undergraduate degree.

Interview date: the faculty will schedule it. The academic management office of the faculty you intend to study will contact you to inform you about the time and date of the interview.

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