Over 45s test

The admission to the university regulations have been amended this year to include this new entry route for students over 45 who have not undergone other studies that grant them access to the university.
Anyway, students over 45 can also take over 25s tests to get access to the university.


  • Do not have any other qualification granting access to university by other entry routes.
  • Being 45 or older in the same year you will take the test.

Test structure

General phase: every test will have a score going from 0 to 10 points.

  1. Textual analysis: develop a subject regarding current events. The test is intended to assess your ability to reason and your acquired skills in writing, reading, text interpretation and your competence to elaborate a written text.
  2. Catalan language.
  3. Spanish language.

The mark for this test has no expiry date.

Personal interview: people who have passed the general phase test can request the personal interview. You can apply for an interview only for one only degree and centre. You do not need to make the interview in the same university you have taken the tests. The academic management office will contact you to inform you about the date and time of the interview.

The interview qualification will be PASSED or NOT PASSED. You need pass in order to get admission. The interview qualification will be valid only for the current year.

Admission mark
In order to pass the test you need the qualification of every exercise to be equal or more than 4, and the average mark of the three exercises needs to be equal or more than 5. Besides, you need to pass at the personal interview.

The admission tests for students over 45s are done once a year. Every applicant can take these tests as many times as they need to. Once they have passed these tests, they can even take the tests in other calls to improve their marks.

You can register at the Catalan universities from February, 4 to February, 13. You will need to do it at the following address: https://accesnet.gencat.cat, for public universities and for the Universitat de Vic as well.

1% of all seats are reserved for over 25s students for each undergraduate degree. 

Test date: April 18.
Results: May 12.
Interview application period: June 3 to 7 at: accesnet.gencat.cat.
Interview date: June 30 (this will be set out by the centre and made by appointment).

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