To access the Minor in Japanese Studies it is necessary to have a minimum of 90 ECTS credits passed in the undergraduate studies that are being processed at the time of making the request. Likewise, it is necessary that the students attend a previous meeting with the coordinator of the Minor.

The follow-up of this Minor does not require previous knowledge of Japanese language.


Admission criteria

The admission and enrolment of the Minor requires compliance with UAB regulations. If the demand exceeds the supply of places, the scale of the student's academic record will be applied.

Process and calendar

Ordinary Pre-enrolment calendar:

  • Pre-enrolment: from 1/03/2023 to 17/03/2023, via web (
  • Presentation of documentation: the deadline is 27/03/2023
  • Publication of list of admitted and interviews schedule  if it is needed: from 19/04/2023 to 25/04/2023
  • Deadline of the resolution: 08/05/2023
Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
Academic coordination

Makiko Fukuda


The price of the Minor is marked by the degree that student takes.