Over 25s access

Over 25s access

  • Being 25 or older in the same year you will take the test.
  • Not having any other qualification granting access to university by other entry routes.
Test structure

General phase: is mandatory and has 4 tests.

  1. Textual analysis. You will need to analyse two texts, one in Catalan and one in Spanish.  You can answer both texts in Catalan or Spanish.
  2. Foreign language (German, French, English, Italian or Portuguese). You will need to answer ten questions (8 objective and 2 open ones), after reading and comprehending a given text. You will need to answer in the language chosen for the test.
  3. Spanish. After reading a text, you will need to answer eight questions, seven objective and an open one. You will have to answer the test in Spanish.
  4. Catalan. After reading a text, you will have to answer eight questions, seven objective and an open one. You will have to answer the test in Catalan.

Specific phase: is mandatory.  You will need to choose the same knowledge branch of the undergraduate degree you want to study and you will need to choose only two subjects.

  • Specific phase subjects: Biology, Technical Drawing, Business Economics, Statistics, Philosophy, Physics, Geography, Contemporary History, Art History, Literature, Maths, Chemistry.

Bear in mind that, if you pass one of the phases, you will keep that mark for two years (the present test year and the following), in that period, you can study to take the tests of the other phase.

Admission mark

The mark on the general phase is the arithmetical mean of the four tests; and the mark of the specific phase, the average of the two tests you have chosen. Every phase mark, if it is 5 or more, will be valid for the next call.

The admission mark is the arithmetical mean of the general and specific phases marks. To calculate the average, the mark of every phase need to be equal or greater than 4. Bear in mind that the result needs to be between 5 and 10.


The tests are taken once a year, you have as many opportunities as you need to pass these tests. One you have passed them, you can improve your mark by taking the test again. The university will only consider the best mark you got. 


The registration period at Catalan universities goes from February 5 to February 15, 2024. Find information in the following link: https://accesuniversitat.gencat.cat, regarding Catalan public universities and the Universitat de Vic.

Test dates: general phase tests: April 20, specific phase tests: April 27.

3% of all seats are reserved for over 25s students for each undergraduate degree.

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