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Conditional grant-holder registration

Registration as a Grant Holder

You can provisionally register as a grant holder if you fulfil the following two conditions:

  1. You meet the academic requirements established in the call for general grants for the 2024/2025 academic year (these are automatically reviewed on registration).
  2. You have submitted the application for general grants for the 2024/2025 academic year.

If you do not fulfil these two conditions, you cannot carry out provisional registration as a grant holder.

If you have applied for a general grant and you cannot see the option to select “general grant” when you self-register, please contact your faculty’s academic management office and attach a copy of the general grant proof-of-application slip. Please do not finalise your registration until this issue has been solved.

Once you have completed ordinary registration, it is no longer possible to modify this to include conditional grant-holder status. When the grant decision has been taken, if this is favourable then the university will automatically refund that part of the registration fee corresponding to you.

Please remember:

Once the academic year has begun, in the event of not having applied for a general grant or having applied but not having fulfilled the academic requirements, you can then apply for an Equitat grant. Applications for this grant can be made after the beginning of the academic year.

General Grant

  • The administration responsible for managing your grant application in Catalonia is AGAUR (the Catalan Agency for Management of University and Research Grants)
  • To find out the status of the application process, please consult the Virtual Procedures Office (OVT, in Catalan) at AGAUR. This information constantly updated.
  • In September, you can re-submit the general-grant application form (on the Ministry's website) to modify and update information. It is very important that you consult the form to ensure that you have correctly indicated the degree you are studying and, especially, to confirm that you have indicated that you are studying at the UAB. If this information is in error, your grant will not be correctly processed.


  • If you have to submit documentation to be added to your application, you should preferably do so electronically through AGAUR (via the general procedure).

Please note: it is essential that the identification document (DNI NIE) indicated on the grant application is identical to that indicated in the personal data provided in your registration.

General Information:

  • Information on all the academic, financial and other relevant requirements is provided on both the Spanish Ministry of Education and AGAUR websites.
  • Once AGAUR or the Spanish Ministry of Education has declined a grant application, the registration fee will then be charged in accordance with UAB regulations to the account number you provided to your academic management office. Payment will be made in a single instalment. In such cases, the UAB will notify you of this in advance by e-mail.
  • Lodging appeals against a declined application does not exempt you from paying tuition.
  • To be definitively awarded a grant, you must meet the requirements of the 2024-2025 call. For this reason, whether or not you have been able to register as a conditional grant holder will not determine the final outcome of the application.

Modifying a Registration with a Grant Application

Changes in registration impacting on the number of credits and other validations of academic requirements established by the calls may affect both the resolution and the possibility of obtaining distinct types of grants. In light of this, if you have applied for a grant, please bear in mind the academic conditions established when requesting changes in registration, particularly when this involves reducing the number of registered enrolled below 60.

The Equitat Grant

Application Procedure:

  • Applications for the Equitat Grant can be made through the AGAUR website (Generalitat de Catalunya).
  • It is envisaged that the application period will open in September 2024.


  • To be an undergraduate or MA student in one of the UAB centres.
  • Not to have previously been awarded an official degree, unless this was studied for entirely in an institution that charges private fees.

Please remember that the Equity Grant includes only those credits that have been registered for the first time and that the university will apply the corresponding discount for awarded grants in December, provided that the grant resolution is confirmed within the anticipated deadlines.