Preguntes freqüents sobre el règim de permanència

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about rules on continuation of studies.

These rules establish, for instance, how many credits you need to obtain each academic year, how many years you can take to finish your degree, the minimum and maximum number of credits you can enrol for each academic year, how many times you can enrol on a subject to pass it, etc. It is very important to know these rules.

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You can only start them again by joining from another degree programme, as a degree holder or through the change-of-degree access path.

Students switching to UAB courses from other universities are subject to its rules on continuation of studies as from the moment they join the UAB, and their progression at the university of origin is not taken into consideration.

You need to submit a request to the office of the dean or the director of the centre. If this is denied, you can lodge an appeal before the Rector, whose resolution will be based on the recommendation of the Board of Trustees. If the resolution is unfavourable, you can appeal through legal channels: before the administrative-litigation jurisdiction.