The moment you deposit your thesis is very important and there are different considerations which you should bear in mind. The Thesis Deposit section on the UAB website offers all the information you need and we recommend that you read it carefully (Thesis Deposit UAB).

You should also bear in mind the following points:

Appointment and deadline.

To deposit you thesis at the School for Doctoral Studies you will need to make an appointment and check the deadlines. Here is a diagram . When you deposit the thesis you should present one bound copy of the final version. One important thing to bear in mind is the change in the academic year which begins on 1 October every year. If you deposit your thesis from 1 October  you should have previously paid the fees for the new academic year. However if you deposit your thesis from 30 September you will already be registered in the current academic year.

Click herefor an appointment.


Please read carefully the information in the depositsection where there is a step by step explanation of the documentation you need. Please bear in mind that all the documents have to bear an original signature and for those wishing to apply for international recognition you must have a minimum of  two expert reports on the day of the defence of the thesis.

Bear in mind that 3 or 4 days before the date of the deposit of the thesis at the School for Doctoral Studies you must obtain a signature from the Coordinator of the Third Cycle of the Department of Mathematics on the documents and the approval  by the Third Cycle Committee for your panel proposal.

The panel proposal must be completed in full. Please remember to include the academic situation of the member or failing that their CVs.


The thesis has to be registered at TESEO and will also be published on the TDX. You must also bring a CD to the Deposit along with a digital publishing contract, and register your thesis on the TESEO application. Please review the information on the following link.

Compendium of  publications.

If the thesis is in the compendium of publications format you must obtain authorisation from the Third Cycle Committee of the Department of Mathematics following the instructions on the following link.

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