Registration for second and subsequent years.

Once you have registered for the first year of monitoring the rest of the registration procedures  are  on line through the Intranet Servicessia.uab.eswithin the periods that you will be informed of. Outside those periods registration is in person and must be justified.

On the website you should go to Students/Online Administration/Self-registration for PhD Students.

Once  you have passed the annual monitoring exercise,  the Department of Mathematics will inform you of what steps to take and give you the pertinent recommendations at that time. You should always bear in mind that:

- Self-registration can only take place once you have passed the monitoring.

- If you have fees exemption or a grant please make sure before you finalise your registration  that this is recognised and ensure that the quantity you have to pay is correct.

- The Department of Mathematics does not have access to the self-registration and therefore cannot answer individual questions during the process. In case of doubt please contact the School for Doctoral Studies on 93.581.38.36 or by e-mail at

- Remember that to self-register you need to use your university ID number (NIU) and password. If you cannot remember this information click here.

As a student under RD 99/2011, the subject code for self-registration depends on the academic year:

                             - 69502 Second monitoring
                             - 69503 Third monitoring
                             - 69504 Fourth monitoring
                             - 69505 Fifth monitoring

This RD is in the process of being withdrawn. There is therefore a calendar of the maximum period in which you should present and defend your thesis:

           - If you enrolled for the thesis before 11/02/2011, you must defend your thesis before 11/02/2016.
           - If you enrolled for the thesis after 11/02/2011, you must defend your thesis before 30/09/2017.

The self-registration codes for subjects according to the year are:

                             - 69004 Fourth monitoring
                             - 69005 Fifth monitoring

We recommend you consult the  self-registration section of the School for Doctoral Studies for more detailed information and a tutorial on how to self-register.

Below is a link to the fees exemptions and approved fees for the course:

Exemptions (catalan)
PhD fees 2015/2016 (catalan)
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