I have registered for the first annual review. What else do I have to do?

In accordance with the new RD 99/2011, your admission is valid if within a maximum of three months from the admission date, you present the following:

- Research plan
- Code of good practice
- Commitment document
- Activities document

All of these procedures must be carried out at the Department of mathematics, where your information will be stored.

You only have to do this once at the beginning of the PhD programme.

 Commitment Document 
Code of Good Practice
Activities Document
Research Plan
The commitment document (downloadable at the end of this page) is a written agreement establishing the relationship between the PhD candidate, supervisor, academic tutor and the UAB, with the rights and responsibilities of each.

Where the commitment document is not submitted by the candidate the admission and registration to the programme will not be valid and the registration fee will not be returned.

Commitment Document (word)
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