Imatge Valentí Ramírez PhD Defense: Valentí Ramírez Sadovski On November 26th, the student Valentí Ramírez Sadovski will defend his Doctoral Thesis entitled: Qualitative theory of differential equations in the plane and in the space, with emphasis on the center-focus problem and on the Lotka-Volterra systems. [+]
Imatge Genis Prat PhD Defense: Genís Prat Ortega On November 27th, the student Genís Prat Ortega will defend his Doctoral Thesis entitled: Attractor dynamics in perceptual decision making: from theoretical predictions to psychophysical experiments. [+]
Imatge logo uab 2019-2020 competition for 2 positions of Postdoctoral researchers Application period open from from 19 to 25 October. [+]
Imatge JCR2018 Impact factor 2018 Publicacions Matemàtiques has obtained impact factor 1.410, yielding to position 44 (Q1) among 313 journals of mathematics, according to JCR 2018, Web of Science. [+]
Proves prep. Cangur i Olimpíades 2016 Training for Kangaroo and Olympics As every year the Departament de Matemàtiques of the UAB organizes training sessions for the Mathematical Kangaroo contest and the Mathematical Olympiad. [+]
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