• Faculty of Science
  • Bellaterra Campus
  • Duration: 4 courses - 240 credits
  • Places: 40
  • Admission mark: 10,134
  • Price per credit: 35.77 euros
  • Language: Catalan (60%), English (30%) and Spanish (10%)
  • null
  • Learning mode: Classroom-based learning
Bachelor's Degree in Computational Mathematics and Data Analytics

Career options

As a graduate of this degree, you will be prepared to develop activities in companies, research centres and official organisms in which data is generated and managed, as well as in scientific modelling, simulation and consultancy.

You will have acquired the training needed to adapt yourself to current and future problems, and understand each problem with its particularities in order to model and propose rigorous ad hoc predictions.

The five areas of application are:
  • Public Administrations
  • Health and natural sciences
  • Economics and finances.
  • Industry and services.
  • Teaching and research.