Mathematics for Finance

The Master's Degree of Mathematics for Finance has been developed from the relationship established between the Department of Mathematics, UAB, Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) Institut d'Estudis Catalans and various financial companies among which include the Borsa de Barcelona, ​​which is the sponsor. The Master, organized by the Department of Mathematics, UAB and CRM, is enriched by the collaboration of departments Applied Economics, Economics of Business and Economics and Economic History of the UAB Department of Statistics of the UB and leading specialists working in direct contact with the markets.

Corporate partners that give us support, from grants for work experience, provide the necessary component of learning. We are therefore able to establish a direct line of collaboration between academic and professional worlds, allowing us to develop and teach the latest techniques in terms of valuation of derivatives, the computation of hedging strategies and the evaluation and control risk.

The goal is to train specialists capable of developing new financial products, according to the needs of the moment. Therefore, our  students are prepared to understand and critically discuss the assumptions and limitations of existing models. It is appropriate for young people with mathematical talent, whether your training comes from a degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Economics, or an engineering or other equivalent qualifications. Our students have success in the labor market.

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