Un de cada cinc europeus estÓ exposat a soroll del trÓnsit rodat per sobre del llindar de la UE

One in five Europeans exposed to noise pollution levels above EU limits

UAB researchers analyse the impact of noise pollution in European cities in an EEA report. At least 100 million Europeans are exposed to levels of noise pollution which surpass EU limits. The noise is harmful to over 31 million adults, with over 13 million people suffering from disorders, 72,000 hospitalisations and 16,600 premature deaths each year. Read more

Trace Fossils Discovered of an Unknown Reptile Species

A team of researchers from the Department of Geology and the ICP recently published in PLOS ONE the description of a large set of tracks made by archosauromorphs, reptiles which later evolved into crocodiles and dinosaurs. Among the tracks, there is evidence of a new species, the Prorotodactylus mesaxonichnus. Read more