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As a student on the PhD programme in mathematics, you must register each academic year (including the year in which you deposit the thesis) in order to appear as a PhD candidate. The subject that you have to register for is called review and evaluates progress during the academic year and on the doctoral thesis.

Every year the Academic Committee for the PhD in Mathematics publishes the monitoring session, in which a panel of three PhDs evaluates the progress of the research plan, the PhD activities carried out and a report by the thesis supervisor and academic tutor.

In exceptional cases (research periods or field work) the PhD Committee may authorise the substitution of the face to face oral examination for the annual review by another format, on the prior receipt of a report by the academic committee of the PhD programme.

Where no annual review report is presented without any justification this will result in withdrawal  from the PhD programme.

Where the annual review result is negative, you can re-register  for the same review evaluation within the registration calendar, draw up a new research plan and present for an annual evaluation after six months of the negative one. If you pass the new evaluation you should register for the corresponding review within the same academic year. However if the new evaluation is negative, you must withdraw from the PhD programme.

This course 2019/2020, the PhD students must pass the Annual Review on

July 17th 2020


Annual Review 2019/2020
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