YouTubers eager to explain what is ECIU wanted!

Youtuber ECIU

We are looking for an undergraduate or graduate student from the Faculty of Communication Studies, who is a great fan of YouTube and new digital narratives. The objective: to help us explain the ECIU to the UAB community, particularly through the making of short videos, but also through other corporate communication actions.


Are you passionate about the new technologies and the digital era? Are you also a student at the UAB Faculty of Communication Studies?

We are seeking a YouTuber for our ECIU, to help us explain what it is and what it offers to the UAB community, through short videos and other corporate communication actions. You will spend a work placement period and work hand-in-hand with the UAB's Promotional, Audiovisual and Multimedia, and ECIU teams...

... What? You still don't know what the ECIU is? Well then, your first assignment as a future YouTuber is to choose the correct answer out of the following options:

  • The eCiU is a political party that branched out of Catalonia's former Convergència i Unió party, which now aims to maintain the initials of the party and the philosophy of founder Jordi Pujol, but with a more 2.0 version to it.
  • An  eciu is a mythological hybrid stemming from a two-headed eagle and a roof bunny, often seen as gargoyles on Gothic cathedrals.
  • ECIu are large department stores in charge of announcing the arrival of spring each year, but in a more digital manner.
  • eCIu is a type of measurement used in science to discover how Especially Clever, Intelligent and Unique you really are.
  • We use eCiU to name the fusion of the periodic table's atomic chemical element 29 with the non-metallic element 53 discovered by UAB scientists on Mars.

... None of the above are correct? Then you have the makings of an ECIU YouTuber! Why don't you go ahead and sign up on Nexus!

And now, the moment of truth... the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) is... but beware, this is a spoiler alert

The work placement period will last approximately 6 months (January-June), with a 15 hours a week contract and a study grant of €7.46 gross/hour. Applications can be sent in until 9 December!

The objective is to make ECIU and its challenges-based programmes known to the UAB community, in a close and fun way, We would like you to be able to transmit closenessyouthfulness and knowledge of the University as a student to these communications.

You can find more information on the call for a YouTuber at this link (you must first register to access the link): 

ID: 28764 

Looking forward to seeing you!


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