Works on the Eix Central to reduce pollution on campus

Actuacions a l'eix central de la UAB

The UAB has begun to work on reducing pollution on the Bellaterra campus as part of its Healthy and Sustainable Campus initiatives. The works will focus on the Central Axis of campus and will last until the month of September.


The UAB has begun to work on reducing pollution on campus, in accordance with the policies set down in the Healthy and Sustainable Campus, and more specifically in the UAB Mobility Plan, which aims to foster the use of public transport among members of the community travelling to and from campus, promote a rational use of private vehicles, acheive universal accessibility to campus, and encourage UAB members to travel using active means of transport.

The work being done on the Central Axis will turn the street into a Low Emissions Zone (Zona de Baixes Emissions, ZBE), be a new place for people to stroll and meet, and improve the image of this part of the campus.

The first part of this remodelling consists in eliminating the park space on each of the roadsides. These areas will be transformed into gardens and pedestrian zones, with picnic tables and benches. Another action will focus on reducing the transit of motor vehicles between buildings B and C. The works are expected to finalise in September 2021.


Actuacions Eix Central


Estat inicial

Beginning stages

Inici de les actuacions a l'eix central

Start of the works

Proposta final

Garden and pedestrian areas


This information is related to the following SDG

  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Climate action