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Work opportunities in Europe

jornades per donar a conèixer les oportunitats de pràctiques i de feina a Europa
Delegates from different institutions and countries will talk on the proposals available for students and graduates interested in work placements and work experiences in the European Union. The event will take place on 15 and 16 February in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Communication Studies.


The conference “Polítiques, eines i territoris de la UE per a l’ocupació” aims to inform students and graduates on the numerous opportunities European organisations and countries have to offer. Attending will be the Rector of the UAB Margarita Arboix and Vice Rector for Students and Employability Sara Moreno.

The first day will focus on the European Commission's employability policies and tools. The speakers will explain the programmes and networks dedicated to professional mobility, such as the Erasmus+ programme and grants offered by the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sports; the EURES network or the EURAXESS networks in Catalonia, for the mobility of researchers and academics.

The second day will be dedicated to the numerous opportunities of work placements and job offers in different countries. Delegates from Holland, the German region of Baden-Württemberg, with a high demand for qualified professionals, and Poland, a dynamic and emerging market, will describe the job opportunities available in their home countries. There will also be representatives from work placement programmes and from the most popular professional sectors in Quebec, a land with very close ties to Catalonia.

The sessions are promoted by the Office of the Vice Rector for Students and Employability and organised by the UAB Employment Service. They are co-funded by the European Commission as part of the project MIPUE UAB, which in turn forms part of the EUROACCIÓ Mentoring programme.

EUROACCIÓ Mentoring, A Pioneering Programme

This two-day session forms part of the UAB's EUROACCIÓ Mentoring programme. The UAB is the first university in Spain to offer this type of programme, dedicated specifically to encouraging the presence of and preparing students and graduates interested in working in European organisms and institutions. The programme also aims to disseminate and increase the knowledge and awareness among university students of Europe's priorities in work matters and on the regions needing a greater number of qualified professionals.

The EUROACCIÓ Mentoring programme also includes the support of over fifty UAB alumni, who act as mentors and help graduates in their first experience in Europe, offering immediate support and advice and helping them learn the codes, values and guidelines specific to the institutional environment of the European Union.
With this in mind, the programme aims to offer an inter-university debate between former UAB students already working in European institutions and current students on work mobility in Europe and aspects which need improving. The initiative, which will take place on 4 May, will include the participation of Jordi Curell Gotor, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission. The meeting will also serve to write up a list of proposals to be presented to the EU.

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