Twenty-five years of Environmental Sciences at the UAB

Facultat de CiŤncies

On Friday 18 May, the Faculty of Sciences will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the degree in Environmental Sciences, a day which will serve to reflect on future challenges in this area of knowledge.


The event will take place at the auditorium (Sala d'actes) and aims to be a moment to consider the challenges and dilemmas the universities, graduates and professionals will have to face in the following years in order to consolidate and expand the way this area of knowledge has an impact on society.
Three sessions will be offered: "The Role of Higher Education for Sustainable Global Development", "Environmental Science Studies in Perspective: teaching experiences", and "Professional Future of Environmental Science Graduates". Among others, participating in the sessions will be Teresa Ribera, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations. The winning exhibition of the 2017 Ecodesign Award of Catalonia will also be presented.
The UAB is a leading institute in the field of environmental sciences. In 1992, it was the first university in Spain to offer an academic programme in this subject. Since then, there has been a large social interest in environmental sciences and both students and graduates are recognised for their commitment to preserving the environment, their energy and social participation. These traits coincide with the philosophy of the bachelor's degree, in which focus is put on a diversity of subjects, all related to the environment.
The degree maintains the principles which inspired the creation of the programme: interdisciplinarity, integrated approaches, importance of the social sciences, contacts between teaching staff and public administrations, businesses and civil society.
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