Three UAB graduates receive National Prizes for their final projects

Campus de la UAB (imatge de recurs)

UAB alumni David Aguilera, Juan Manuel Agulló and Antonio García received the National Final University Project Prize, awarded by the Spanish Ministry for Science, Innovation and Universities.


The Spanish Ministry for Science, Innovation and Universities awarded the National Prize for final bachelor's degree projects to three former UAB students in recognition for their academic excellence and achievements.

The UAB alumni receiving the award were David Aguilera, graduate in Humanities and winner of the Second National Prize; Juan Manuel Agulló, graduates in Biomedical Sciences and winner of the Third National Prize; and Antonio García Galán, graduate in Business Management and Administration, winner of the Third National Prize. All three graduates completed their studies in the 2014/15 academic year.

The list of winners, made public on 4 December 2018, awarded 57 first prizes which included a cash prize of €3,300 each; 57 second prizes which included €2,650 each; and 57 third prizes, including a cash prize of €2,200 each.

In order to qualify for the prize, candidates must have an average mark of 9, or an average mark of 8 in the case of engineering and architecture graduates. Other aptitudes such as languages, participation in degree-related activities and spending part of their studies abroad are also taken into consideration.


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